UAI company history and profile

UAI is comprised of a Group of debt collection companies from several European Union countries. It was founded in 2011 by Mr. Ferenc Lobmayer, out of a passion for vehicles and a life’s worth of intra-European travels, who identified the need of a different approach in the way public entities are collecting debts abroad from the subjects of vehicle related offences, he himself having his share of penalties and fines.

What he came to understand, especially in the relation of Western and Eastern Europe, was that despite all the EU’s efforts to harmonize the member states legal systems and standards there are still gaping holes in many areas of intra-European cross-border vehicle-related debt collection.

The initial objectives were to identify the legal means which would have enabled cross-border institutional cooperation and to create a mediation mechanism which would have improved the interaction between the public entities and the debtors from abroad based on empathic communication, multilingual customer service and technological means in order to reduce the level of bureaucratic time consuming procedures.

The model was defined and applied with great success for our first client, Hungarian National Toll Payments Services(NUSZ Zrt.), in Germany. Afterwards, we sought to expand the business for other clients across Europe. Now we are proud of our UAI Group teams in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Czech Republic which are able to provide professional assistance in most European languages along with the established network of reliable partners from Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Republic of Moldova and the Baltic Countries, offering collection services in vehicle related debts, but also in other areas of interest like healthcare or international debt collection.

Our Mission

Ever since the Group was founded, we have had a clear mission as to ensure the link between Western and Eastern European markets, bridging differences of mentality, customs, legal systems, languages and the attitude of the authorities in relationship with the debtors.

We wish that by our endeavor we will contribute to increase the level of information for the road users, regarding the legal provisions which are regulating the use of public roads so that in the future they will be able to avoid certain unpleasant situations generated by the infringement of such regulations.

Our Future Vision

Our vision is to continue having a positive impact in EU, to contribute to the ideal and notion of Europe as a whole, to help implementing a modern and advanced way for a country’s administrative bodies in order for them to be able to manage and transfer collections that were previously lost due to foreign vehicle-related debt.

UAI Values

Our core values are Transparency, Orientation toward the needs of the debtor and Professionalism.


Considering the public profile of our clients, we see transparency as being a value without which we could not function with such a great success. Through our technology, we are able to provide our clients with comprehensive reporting in electronic format. This enables total transparency of the cash flow and other information related to a particular case, thus having a clear status on how cases are handled, offering a perspicuous system of checks and balances. In the same context, we consider that the debtors have the right to have transparent access to the information regarding their cases. This is why we are always investing in technological innovations which are facilitating the exchange of all information processes, improving the level of trust between parties.

Debtor handling standards

Even though the persons who are traveling are trying their best to get informed regarding the laws and regulations of a certain foreign country, there is still a chance to get in a situation where they receive a fine or penalty for not complying with the legal provisions. Most of the times not being aware of it, sometimes because of an emergency or for any other legitimate reason. We understand this and that is why we are making every effort to empathize with the debtors and to provide all the means necessary to facilitate the resolution of these unpleasant situation. Some of the tools we bring in regard to this matter are:

  • Professional assistance provided by our over 60 highly trained operators, in the language preferred by the subject of the penalty even outside the regular business hours, taking into account high ethical standards when interacting with debtors.
  • Access to information related with cases (exchange of documents in electronical format, useful links, access to regulations, etc.).
  • Modern technological tools of communication (telephone service, e-mail, online chat, SMS reminders).
  • Intermediate the exchange of documents between the institutions and debtors required by certain bureaucratic procedures which can bring a more favorable resolution for the debtor (e.g. Correction, Maximization, appeal, others).
  • Within the limits of legal possibilities we are offering the possibility to pay by instalments without adding interest fees or other hidden costs.
  • Negotiating payment deadlines according to the possibilities of the debtor where the law allows it.
  • Bank accounts in Euro and in every local currency of interest, at exchange rates established by each National Financial Institutions, where the debtor has the possibility to pay and thus can avoid high bank charges generated by international Transactions.
Multicultural management style

Our multicultural internal structure represents a success model of how to narrow the cultural gaps or differences of mentality. Our colleagues coming from different countries are involved every day both in the decision making process as well as in performing routine tasks, thus reaching with great success our common objectives. We believe that without understanding and internalizing the value of multiculturalism and the benefits that result from it, we cannot create those bridges between parties from different backgrounds.


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