Public sector collection

UAI Group is one of the pioneering companies in the field of cross border vehicle related debt collection.

Having as background several years of strategic cooperation with Hungarian National Toll Payment Services plc. and other trustworthy partners, our experience, international network of companies and partners specialized in international legal enforcement and the state of the art technology, allows us to manage professionally debts resulted from the infringement of legal provisions which are regulating the usage of public roads.

Public Services

Toll excess charges

As can be noticed so far, at the core of our company is the successful business relationship established in several years of cooperation with Hungarian National Toll Payment Services plc. We believe that our overall knowledge resulted from this fructuous relationship, allows us now to implement our methodology for any other European Public Road Administrator.

In order to get a clearer picture of the services we offer, please visit our methodology section, or get in touch with us. The sales department representative will contact you as soon as possible in order to give you a customized solution for the institution you represent.

Parking surcharges

At this moment we offer with great success trans-border parking surcharges collection services for many public Parking Administrators across European Union.

Our network of companies, partners and legal consultants allow us to collect debts resulted from the failure to comply with the payment obligations for parking from several European Union countries like Germany, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova, and we are currently testing the market in other countries like Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavian Countries, Baltic States, Ukraine and former-Yugoslavian Countries.

In order to get a clearer picture of the services we offer, please visit our methodology section, or get in touch with us. The sales department representative will contact you as soon as possible in order to give you a customized solution for the institution you represent.

Vehicle related fines

Depending on the legal nature/character of the fines, we can provide cross-border collection services for debts resulted from the impeachment of the road-safety-related traffic legal provisions by foreign drivers.

Besides the collection itself we can provide other related services like translation in the language of the country where the car is registered, domestic country postal services and local bank account which are facilitating the payment of the fines in the currency preferred by the debtor.

We can also take over cases which have already been unsuccessfully processed by other collection companies.

Outsourcing this service to UAI can have a major impact on the success rate in collecting debts from the foreign users of your roads. The UAI approach was successfully tested for Italian Authorities.

If you want to get more information about our services contact us.

Healthcare unpaid services

There are situations in which public healthcare services providers (hospitals, clinics, etc.) are not paid for the medical services delivered for the foreign patients.

UAI can provide professional methods of cross-border debt collection. Our methodology was tested with success for our Hungarian counterpart Szigma Zrt.

If you want to get more information about our services contact us.

Our methodology

Our process of cross border collection consists in two separate stages: amicable collection activity and judicial enforcement.

Amicable collection activity (identification, notification, collection)
  • Build up the case. After we receive the data from the client we are organizing all the information in separate cases.
  • Vehicle owner identification and data processing. We submit the cases to the Vehicle Registration Authority in each competent country in order to obtain the identification details of the vehicle owners through a procedure which fully complies with the stringent provisions of the GDPR. In accordance with our highest-level TÜV certification we store all customer correspondence, letters, emails and phone conversation – duly informing customers previously thereof – in easy-access format under constant observation of data protection standards. Such records are thus always swiftly identifiable and available to our Clients, the authorities or courts.
  • Notify the debtors. Depending on the legal provisions which is regulating the activity of each client and characteristic to each country where the debtor has its residency we are sending one or two payment notifications(with or without registered letter).
  • Interaction with debtors. Our technology enables our highly trained operators to communicate with the debtors by modern channels like (phone, e-mail, SMS reminders, online Chat etc.) in the language preferred by the debtor. We manage all debtor complaints and communications independently. Our operators are able to interact with debtors in most of the European Union official languages.
  • Collection services. We provide for the debtors local bank account which allows them to pay in the local currency. Our Company opens a unique bank account for every Client, where debts relating to Clients will be collected separately and to which Client view-only access is ensured at all times.
  • Reporting. We provide comprehensive reporting in electronic format, which allows for 100% transparency of the money flow. Monthly financial settlement of payments received.
Judicial enforcement

In the situation where after the extra-judicial recovery actions are carried out, the debt recovery is not reached, we can provide assistance in order to obtain an enforceable title. Our international network of partners specialized in legal issues allows us to address the competent courts from abroad in order to implement the enforceable title obtained.

If you want more information about our services contact us. One of our consultants will get in touch with you as soon as possible in order to provide a tailored solution for the entity you are representing.


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