Parking surcharge

A parking surcharge applies if you have not purchased a parking slip in a paid parking area, the parking slip has expired, or you have placed it incorrectly behind the windscreen of your vehicle.

Payment information

For information on how to pay off your debt, visit the ‘Payment Options’ section.

I have already paid the surcharge

I have already paid the parking surcharge after receiving the first order for payment. Why do I receive new orders from the UAI?

If you have parked in a paid parking space more than once without a valid parking slip, you will be charged the parking surcharge more than once. Please check the content of the payment notices, especially the check date, location, and document numbers. Cases registered under different document numbers belong to different check dates.

Please also check the details of your payment, the correctness of the recipient’s bank account number, and whether the document number and vehicle registration plate have been correctly indicated in the order column. Send the bank confirmation confirming the payment to our Customer Service for review.

Frequently asked questions

All of our orders for payment include the photo that proves that the surcharge order for payment issued by the inspector was placed on the vehicle’s windshield.

A civil legal relationship is created by using paid parking. The surcharge imposed by non-payment of the fee is a civil claim. Based on the legislation in force, the vehicle user is obliged to pay the surcharge; the name of the vehicle user is not required for this.

At the time of the check, we receive official vehicle user data from the vehicle registration authority where the vehicle was registered. If you were no longer the owner of the vehicle at the time of the check, please send us a copy of the official documents supporting the change of ownership (e.g., sales contract, vehicle registration form) for review.

If you paid the surcharge amount directly to the issuing body before you received our letter, please send us proof of payment to review the case.

If you have paid the surcharge directly to the issuing body after receiving our payment notice, you must pay the surcharge validation administration fee, which includes the costs regarding vehicle user identification, data processing, and postal services.

Please send us the police report alleging theft to review the case.

Issuing bodies

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