Important to know

  • Toll sections may only be used with a valid road use authorization, i.e. you need to purchase the e-vignette before you enter the toll section. If you purchase the e-vignette within the validity period, the validity always starts at the time of purchase (day/hour/minute). Bona fide road users mistakenly entering the toll road network have 60 minutes from the entry to purchase road use authorization.
  • If you want to purchase multiple e-vignettes at a time, make sure you specify the date and time of each journey (road use) accurately.
  • To avoid unauthorized road use, make sure you always check the number plate, the country code, the vehicle category and the validity period on the counterfoil when making your purchase.
  • When you purchase road use authorization electronically, the confirmation message serves as a proof of purchase.
  • We recommend you retain the counterfoil and/or the confirmation message received after the purchase for a period of 2 years from the last day of the validity period of the e-vignette.

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