Italian vehicle related fines

Italian vehicle related fines represent the consequence of the violation of the traffic legal provisions established by the Italian Legislative Decree N.285 from 30/04/1992 (New Highway Code). UAI was contracted to amicable collect these debts as a result of your non-compliance with the legal obligations imposed in the payment notifications previously received from the Italian Authorities.

How can I pay the fine?

For information regarding the payment of the surcharge, please visit the Payment methods section.

Can I pay in installments?

In case you are not able to pay the entire amount at once you have the option of paying the outstanding amount in installments. The installments do not bare interest or other commissions. If you are interested in this payment method, please write us a request using the contact form before the payment deadline mentioned in our letter. One operator will reply to your request as soon as possible.

We would like to draw your attention that our clients reserved their rights to set the terms and conditions for payment in instalments according to the law.

I already paid the fine

First you have to make sure that the letters you are receiving are not related to a different case. You can compare the letters taking into account the UAI reference numbers, photos, moment of the control, location, amount etc. If you notice differences between these documents, most likely you have more cases opened in our system. In this situation we recommend you to call us as soon as possible and to make sure that you make the payment before the deadline.

Another possibility is that you made the payment but you didn’t specify any information at payment details, so we cannot assign the payment to a particular case. In this situation you have to provide us the payment proof. After that, our Accounting Department will try to identify the payment and book it to your case.

I paid the fine right after I received the payment notification from Italian Authorities.
Why I got a letter from UAI?

There is a slight possibility that at the time you made the money transfer you didn’t mention at payment details the information related with your case, so the Italian Authority couldn’t allocate the payment to a particular case. Thereby the status of the payment remained unidentified.

If this is the case please send us the payment proof and we will contact the competent authority for further investigation.

Frequently asked questions

The right to appeal must be displayed within 60 days after the receipt of the first notification sent by Italian Authorities. Since you did not use your right to appeal within the legal deadline and under the conditions mentioned in the initial letter, any further complaints will be declared inadmissible.

According to Art. 196 from the Italian Highway Traffic Code, for violations punishable by a pecuniary administrative penalty, the owner of the vehicle or trailer, in case of a vehicle combination (towing vehicle with trailer), or in his place, a non-paying tenant, the purchaser or the financial lease user, is jointly and severally liable with the offender to pay the sum due to him, unless he proves that the vehicle was taken against his will. Besides this, you had the possibility to indicate the driver within the legal deadline after you received the 1st notification sent by the Italian Authorities.

The official information regarding the vehicle ownership at the moment of the control, is provided by the Car Registration Authority where the plate number was issued through the EUCARIS mechanism. Considering that you were no longer the owner of the vehicle at the moment of the control, please send us the copies of the official documents which are attesting the ownership.

According to the Italian Highway code, the police has 360 days after the date of the violation or identification of the vehicle holder within which to notify fines to foreigners. In the event of rented vehicles, the 360 days start from the date of receipt of the personal data sent by the car rental company.

You have to send us a copy of the official police report about the incident. After, that we will forward the documentation to the competent authority for further investigation.

In this situation you have to send us a copy of the car registration paper and the official police report about the incident. After, that we will forward the documentation to the competent authority for further investigation.

The limitation period is five years, calculated from the date of ascertainment. If you notice the limitation period of the offence, please let us know. If we will confirm the exceeding of the limitation period, we will forward the case to the competent authority in order to be closed.

UAI was contracted in order to strictly carry out formalities for non-judicial recovery of the debts. Even so, if the payments requirements are not met, our client has the legal authority to initiate such procedures, which could generate further legal costs.

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