Hungarian invalid e-vignette

If you are navigating to this section, most probably you received a letter from us. The reason why this happened is either because you didn’t pay the toll for using the Hungarian chargeable motorways, or because the e-vignette was not valid at the moment of the control.

Invalid e-vignette

What could be the reasons for an e-vignette to be invalid at the moment of the control?
  • E-vignette expired or it didn’t commence yet – you have to check if the moment of the control, date and hour, was within the validity period mentioned on the e-vignette. According to the law* you have 60 minutes at your disposal to buy a valid e-vignette from the moment you enter the chargeable section of the road. If the control happened outside of the validity range, you may be subject of the excess charge. In this situations we recommend you to pay the outstanding amount from our letter before the 60 days deadline. If you received multiple notifications from us please visit Maximization section.
  • Wrong plate no. – the registration number on the counterfoil or in the confirmation message is different from the registration number of the vehicle. In certain legal conditions you can benefit from the correction procedure. For more details check the Corrections section.
  • Wrong country code – if the country code on the counterfoil or in the confirmation message is different from the actual country code on the vehicle’s plate number(e.g. A – Austria instead of D – Germany). In certain legal conditions you can benefit from the correction procedure. For more details check the Corrections section.
  • Wrong vehicle category – you purchased an e-vignette for a different vehicle category. In such situations you may be subject of excess charge or difference fine. For more info about e-vignette categories please visit the following link.
  • If the vehicle has an annual authorization for a given county but it is not used between the junctions specified in the decree (e.g. it is used on the toll road network of another county) you may be subject of the excess charge.


The e-vignette correction applies in the following situations:
  • If the registered plate number from the e-vignette contains no more than 3 mistyped characters. *correction can be applied also for the cases where both the plate number and the country code is mistyped
  • If the country code mentioned on the e-vignette is different from the country code provided in the car registration papers.
errorPlease NOTE
  • No administrative fee shall be charged for amending a registration number due to confusing the characters ‘0’(zero) and ‘O’, ‘Ü’ and ‘UE’, ‘OE’ and ‘Ö’ or ‘1’ and ’i’.
  • Your application, your call or your email has no suspensive effect on the deadlines in your payment request letter. Not even if you have submitted documents. Therefore, please never miss the payment and submission deadlines specified in the payment requests. Please read attentively the information of the 1st request for payment.
  • Corrections can be applied also for the cases where both the plate number and the country code is mistyped. Block mistakes cannot be amended (e.g. BH 07 UAI to 07 BH UAI).
The legal requirements to complete this procedure are:
  • To contact and send us the copy of the e-vignette, car registration paper and power of attorney (if you are not the subject of the fine) within 60 days from the date you received our first notification.
  • To pay the correction administrative fee presented in the correction invoice within the deadline mentioned in the invoice.
I am no longer in possession of the vignette

Our company doesn’t have access to the vignette system. That is why we cannot obtain a copy for you. Even so, the seller is able to provide the copy. For this, you don’t have to go in person to the store where you bought it. You can send them an e-mail with the completed request form. Please check the following interactive map with the Hungarian e-vignette sellers in order to identify the seller and after check the list of sellers contact details to get in touch with the seller.

E-vignette sellers map

Main selling points





+43 1 21120 1100













If you received two or more payment notifications for multiple unauthorized usage of the chargeable roads, you may benefit from the maximization of fines if certain procedures are met according with the Toll Decree 45/2020:

  • Previously, the Maximization option was only available for more than two cases. Accordingly to the new Decree 45/2020, Maximization is also available for two cases.
  • The control date of the last unauthorized use of the chargeable road occurred before the receipt of the first payment notification of the first case.
  • The written petition has to be submitted within 75 calendar days from the receipt of the first payment notification of the first case via post or e-mail to UAI.
  • The petition will be assessed by NUSZ Zrt. within 30 days and the decision will be notified to the petitioner. In case of approval, the petitioner has to pay the value of the first two cases in term of 30 days from the receipt of the decision.

If these criteria are met, the other cases will be automatically closed.

For more information regarding maximization please contact us.

Surcharge Amnesty

This is a new procedure available for multiple unauthorized usages of the chargeable roads that occurred after 01.11.2020.

  • Can be applied for cases generated by the same owner, same vehicle and if it`s the case same trailer, but only for the cases no older than 180 days calculated from the submission date of the request for admission.
  • You must file a written request.
  • If you pay the equivalent of six basic surcharges (not increased) and two administration cost within 30 days of accepting the request, all your cases are amnestied.

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