UAI company history and profile

Ungarische Autobahn Inkasso GmbH is a member of the Lobmayer Group, which carries out debt recovery operations in relation to several EU member states and other countries.

Our company was founded in 2011 by Ferenc Lobmayer, who, during his travels, realised that the cross-border enforcement of claims arising from unauthorised use of roads encounters difficulties in several cases due to the complexity of the task. To eliminate this, he established a company specialising in the enforcement of cross-border debts, the scope of which was later extended to the enforcement of debts related to parking.

The initial aim was to develop a system that would promote cross-border institutional cooperation and also improve the interaction between individual institutions and foreign customers, with the help of multilingual customer service, competent, well-trained staff, and a user-friendly approach.

The model was successfully introduced in the case of our company’s first customer, Nemzeti Útdíjlátátósi Szolgáltató Zrt., first in Germany, then in several European countries and also in other countries. After that, we successfully applied the business model to additional customers. We are proud that Ungarische Autobahn Inkasso GmbH, as a member of the Lobmayer Group, carries out successful activities in several EU member states and in other countries.

Our Mission

Since its establishment, our company has strived to ensure a proper connection between the Western and Eastern European markets by using its methods developed to solve the differences between legal systems, customs, and linguistic and cultural differences.

Our goal is to contribute with our efforts, help and responsibility to improve the awareness of toll road users so that they have adequate knowledge about the rules of road use, and avoid the unpleasant consequences of breaking the rules in the future.

Our values

Our company creates value for our customers by operating a business model designed to compensate for differences in legal systems and customs in each country. For more than 10 years, we have been one of the few companies operating a customer-friendly, functional and efficient system in the field of cross-border debt management.

Our core values represent the principles of innovation, sustainability, partnership, mutual respect and expertise, and we take these values consideration in our relationship with our customers and colleagues, in addition to complying with legal provisions.

We strive to maintain a transparent relationship with our customers. Thanks to our continuous technical development, we are able to transfer information quickly and securely, which allows for complete transparency of money movements and other information.

In addition, it is also important for us to establish a good relationship with our customers. We consider that the differences between the rules in each country also cause difficulties for our customers, as a result they may be disadvantaged even against their will. We make every effort to provide our customers with all legal options when handling their case. Our highly trained operators assist customers in their preferred language using modern communication technology tools. To streamline the procedure, we provide an electronic form of administration, which we streamline by providing forms, legislation, useful links, and other information.


At UAI we are constantly expanding our team. If you are a dynamic person, oriented towards finding solutions and obtaining results, then you might be the perfect candidate for a position in our organization. Check out our currently opened positions from bellow to see if one of them is suitable for you. We are looking forward to meet you!


Approved Inkasso – TUV

For the fourth time in a row, Ungarische Autobahn Inkasso GmbH has received the “Approved Inkasso” certificate from the Tüv-Saarland

Serious Debt Collection Company

Ungarische Autobahn Inkasso GmbH is a member of Bundesverband für Inkasso und Forderungsmanagement e.V. (Federal Association for Collection and Receivables Management)

Excellent Debt Collection Company

Ungarische Autobahn Inkasso GmbH is a member of the “VGIS” Association of Certified Collection Companies in Switzerland

Risk Management
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